We already have here the Eurocopa!


Until next July 10 will be taking place in France Euro 2016, the fifteenth edition of the tournament of European national teams. This year’s competition will be the one with the most number of participants in the final phase of its history, expanding from 16 format used since 1996, to 24 teams.

The Spanish team will seek its third straight European Championship and we will be there to cheer. Christy Costumes have a lot of ideas for the excitement alive with the Red butt.

And you can start by wearing the colors of the team, and for that we Disguise Spanish footballer. What better than to wear the shirt of the Red during games? It is the best way to prove you’re a real forofa.

¡Ya-tenemos-aquí-la-Eurocopa!-1¡Ya tenemos aquí la Eurocopa! 2

¡Ya tenemos aquí la Eurocopa! 3But do not stay there, because you can complete your costume real fan of selection with all kinds of accessories: We have, for example, Eyelashes Spain, perfect for the occasion; or Smart Curve Hat Ala Spain, with which you can encourage the Red of the most fun; Glasses Spain, available for men and women.

And yet you can do much more fun with a wig with the colors of our flag. We have a few to choose from: the wig is Futbolera Spain to Mohicans, or Curly Wig Spain much more striking, or Futbolera Wig Spain for girls, much more sexy and elegant.

And you can also wear red carnations and yellow pom-poms and cheerleader montartelo in choreographed plan and everything.

And of course, what you can not do is stop face makeup with our colors. Makeup Applicator combines Yellow and Red Applicator Makeup on your face, in your face or all over your body! Make it clear who you’re cheering!

Well, if you do not like the selection and want to have fun, you can always dress up as a referee …


En su segunda juventud ha descubierto la pasión de escribir. Cuando no se pierde entre fantasías futuristas y pesadillas infernales se dedica a divagar sobre cualquier tema que llame su atención. ¡Todo lo parece interesante! Y es que un escritor puede encontrar la inspiración en las fuentes más inesperadas...