The importance of the running headband

I am, what we would say, a sedentary young-man-anymore. And the doctor advised me from stopping smoking, less drinking and dieting, of course. And he has also “suggested” me, kindly, do sport. So I’ve been thinking so, so much. I’ve been watching a few videos on Youtube, looking for some motivation and, finally, I decided by running. And well, the first of all, of course, it has been to start documenting me on what I need to start practicing this sport.  I can see me with my fantastic running headband and on the road!

And I found the obvious. It turns out that the first thing I need is my body. Well, I already have that. What luck! So I’m still documenting me with basic clothing and equipment: shoes, socks, heart rate monitor, leggings, t-shirts, compression shirts, drinks carrier, belts, sunglasses and a visor. That’s the basics. Wow, some sunglasses and visor are basic, but my beloved running headband seems that it is not.

Mondern MarathonerAnd I was disconcerted a little by this question. Because it’s a thing I’ve read on several blogs. All very well-intentioned, but all obviate the importance of this garment. Perhaps you will have a very eighties look, but the current running headband have updated their design completely. In summer are essential to avoiding sweat get into eyes (which do not get neither sunglasses nor the most «cool» visors) and then prevent that they sting you. In winter and in any cold weather they are ideal to keep your head and ears warm. And in addition, for all types of runners that look long mop of hair, helps them to hold the hair. What more can ask for?

You’ll never believe it! You can hold a wearable fashion as the Run-n-Read and freak out while you practice sport.

“Modern Marathoner” picture © Dave Granlund

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