Ready for snow – ski accessories

If you’re now planning your days to go to the snow, wishing to put on your boots and remember the feeling of being on top of the table, or is the first time you want to practice this sport, is the time to prepare!

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What is the most appropriate clothing for snow?

It is becoming more common than both men and women show special attention to fashion and trends that are marked next to the ski slopes as well as your ski accessories. All your skiing or snowboarding equipment, snow and good company do you enjoy many of the day… as long as you bring appropriate clothing and good ski accessories. A good choice of clothes in our sport is essential since it facilitates you to maximize the development of your movements, reduces the impact of changes in temperature, provides comfort adapted to the sporting demands, etc.

Fashion après-ski, to be in the snow, fashionable

Whether you are spending a long vacation as if you’ll just spend a day in the snow, you must choose your clothes very well. Your main premise should always be: warm first. This way, you will endure lower temperatures without having to suffer from them. But what items they are essential to bring in the best way possible the cold or what downhil skiing products do you need?

  • Thermal underwear: Perfect for keeping our body heat.
  • Pants warm fabrics: Can be leather or wool. We must avoid the denim as this is indicated to take in the fall or spring seasons, but not for winter.
  • Polar wool fabrics for the sweaters, the best option to keep snug and warm.
  • Very warm jackets: As the hacks. And impermeable to rain or snow, water is not stalling us.
  • Boots après-ski: The best option to keep our feet warm. Like the jackets, they must be of a waterproof fabric for moisture, water, or snow does not stall.
  • Wool Accessories: Do not forget gloves, hats and scarves, and thus will notice the cold.

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Fashion for skiing

To practice your favorite sport you must go well equipped. Not only to keep warm. You must also worry about your health and your safety.

  • Thermal underwear or anti-sweat shirts: As underwear is the best choice. No get wet when you sweat and thus avoid cooling down.
  • Fleece sweatshirt: If temperatures are too cold can make it a double layer, or adding a vest to make movement you more comfortable.
  • Jacket: While it is warm to cut the wind and be waterproof, must be comfortable to move around easily.
  • Pants: That must be the same fabric as the outer jacket, that is, windbreaks and are impervious to moisture and water us not incandesce.
  • Waterproof gloves: For day with the worst weather conditions stay warm our hands.
  • Sports or polar socks.
  • Cap covering your ears: At a tissue as warm as possible.
  • Ski or snowboard boots.

Clothing for kids

You have to wrap the kids well, but not in excess, because it can be counterproductive. In the snow, children do not stop play and sometimes end up sweating. Sweat sticks them to the body and when they slow down a bit its activity, is them in skin a sensation of cold and humidity that may favor the appearance of symptoms of the freeze.

Here are tips to keep in mind when choosing snow clothing for our children:

  • Cotton underwear which promotes perspiration. Choose a light shirt with long sleeves. Socks, wool better (just a couple).
  • Sweaters of wool and polyester. The high collar protects the throat. Thick pure wool sweaters are uncomfortable and make them sweat.
  • Padded and waterproof trousers. Better adjusted to the ankle or the edge tucked into the boot, so that no water.
  • Waterproof coat. The ideal is the anorak. Some incorporate in their internal tissue layers (such as Thinsulate or Gore-Tex) to preserve moisture well and are considered perfect for snow.
  • Also waterproof mittens. They are more comfortable than gloves because fingers are together and having fewer seams, it is more difficult for moisture to leak. To avoid losing those some coats carry, through the sleeves, long, thin strips engaging mittens.
  • Fleece caps, which cover the neck and ears. Also worth a hangman, but it will harbor considerably less.
  • Do not wear scarves because as soon as they fall to the ground wet. If the small sleigh rides, can entangle and cause choking.
  • To choose the footwear must be taken into account, in the snow children will be easily cold feet. To avoid this we must protect good legs and feet:
    • Gumboots are not effective because cold immediately passes through the plastic sole.
    • Another type of boot more strong, thick-soled, not to stall and, if possible, with inner liner and medium or high leg is necessary.

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The trends that you can find for this type of clothing are patterns and bolder colors. You’ll stand out on the white of the snow and shall call attention. It will also be very sporty. Sportswear tends to be more expensive so we advise you to be very sure the equipment you’re going to buy, so you can use it during the following years practice skiing.

Nicola Picasso, padre y marido enamorado es un apasionado del deporte, especialmente del trail running. Atleta X-Bionic, Tailwind Trailblazer y Bamboolabs Ambassador, ha hecho de su afición por correr toda una aventura que trasciende las redes sociales.