Equip your pet

When we talk about pet accessories first thing that comes to mind are the most common things. If we talk about dogs, for example, immediately we think of equipment as collars, harnesses to take them out for a walk, leashes (of course) and little else. But the truth is that in the world of pet accessories there are a variety.

We can, for example, dress our pet to the last, putting the most luxurious jewelry, protect it from the weather, equip it to participate in our sports hobbies, applying practical electronic gadgets, we can even take her on the bike! The offer in pet accessories is as varied, and sometimes as strange, as that of humans.

Fashion pet

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You can raise you as a practical matter or as a matter of aesthetics, but now you can equip your dog with different kind of garments such as coats, sweaters or raincoats and walk him warm and protected from snow and rain. The raincoats for dogs are the new sensation for those rainy days. And for the summer do not forget to wear a life vest for dogs if you plan to play him in the water!

Pullovers can find them in all shapes and colors: knit, knitted, hooded turtleneck, patterned, diamond pattern, striped, with pockets, with a funny cap with tassel, with buttons with elastic tail.

Also you’ll find coats, cloaks, quilted jackets or sequins (of course!), jeans, sweatshirts, tracksuits, raincoats, reflective raincoats, trench coats, parkas, quilted jackets, university jackets, princess dresses, ballerina dresses, suspenders, pajamas, the equipping of the football Spanish team and even Santa Claus costume.

Another useful and practical garment is panties. Also available in a multitude of designs and prints. At the moment are very mode models with polka dots.

And let’s not forget that you can find boots, rain boots and mittens to keep out like a drop of water at home after a long and fun ride. They are absolutely delicious though, surely, your pet is not comfortable and don’t let you put them.

But there is not just all in this desire that your pet will last. There are still a lot of accessories for your pet with which you can make your pet truly unique: necklaces with precious stones, bows and clips to pick them up hair, exclusive jewels that adorn them, Swarosvky crystal leashes. Everything to make your dog the most fashionable!

More sport accessories

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One of the most sports-ons we’ve found is ideal if you want your dog to accompany you on your sporting adventures. This is the Rollei Dog Mount, an accessory that will allow your pet collaborate in making more dynamic images and movies while accompanying you.

With this Dog Harness Rollei for camera you can set your GoPro team or your sport camera Rollei, series 200, 300 and 400 to the body of your best friend and sidekick better now.

If you want to enjoy a new vision, more spectacular and daring of your activities while you are in the company of your pet, this Dog Harness Rollei is a great option, comfortable and simple, allowing you to show yourself during your adventures, under the peculiar point of view of your pet.

You can use it to set your Action Cam on your pet while you’re walking with her through the woods, on the field, or by running. The images and videos that you will get will be spectacular with a different vision to which you’re accustomed. Other options are for those who play sports with their dogs as agility, canicross, or mushing.

Another accessory that has become very popular lately is bandanas for dogs. Certainly, the tubular bandanas are an essential element in the kit of any athlete. It is a very popular multifunction garment, eminently practical. And although our pet is not going to need it expressly for the same reasons as us if accompanies us as we practice our sport, the truth is that it will be fine!

Electronic gadgets

According to a study entitled «Technology for wearable animals 2015-2025» the market of electronic gadgets pet could grow by one billion dollars over the next decade. According to Peter Harrop, CEO of IDTechEx, analyst firm responsible for this report, this technology is at the beginning of its development and we are not really aware of its full potential yet.

The study claims that there are several areas in wearable technology for animals that are in different stages of development. The most common are the identification and tracking of activities and entertainment and security. Instead, the markets are still maturing are controlling behavior, behavior management and medical diagnostics.

Here are some of these technological advances dedicated to improving the skills of our pets:

Equip your pet 5No More Woof.

He claims to be the first device that translates thoughts from animal to human language through a EEGs sensor technology and processing patterns with microcomputers.


This device is a tracker dog health. It attaches to any necklace and measure their activities to give the owner a perspective on the type of behavior and long-term trends.


It offers a view of how animals see the world. It is a camera that fits the collar (has versions for cats and dogs) that features auto focus, night vision and microphone.


It is a necklace that measures vital signs, including heart and respiratory rate and the activity of the dog, resting levels, and the number of calories burned.

Barklimiter necklace.

Designed by GPS maker Garmin, the line Barkliminter is designed for all dog lovers who want their best friend are located at all times. It also includes an odometer and a device controlling the barking. It has a technology capable of distinguishing between nuisance barking and other sounds that can be issued. The device detects every time our pet barking and sends a small correction low intensity will increase until it stops barking. It also includes an option that records how many times he barked while you were at home.

Delta necklace.

Also designed by Garmin, is a training collar in addition to its small size, functions as a «virtual belt» which allows you to perform a wide range of corrections even at a distance.

Well, you see, the about pet accessories is quite wide and, as I said, there is even a comfortable tank bag adapted to animals, to bring our pet on the bike.

Soñadora e idealista pero con los pies en el suelo y con una visión muy clara de la realidad. Quizás sea toda una paradoja en sí misma que traduce en una insana curiosidad por todo lo que la rodea.