Padel bags that adapt to your needs

Padel bags are the essential accessory to go to practice this sport. If you are planning to practice this sport regularly, one of the first things you should do is to have padel bags. Or maybe it’s not for you, but for someone close to you who is a fan of this sport, so a bag pocket would be the perfect gift for them. 

We have talked to Starvie, a sports brand that distributes paddle rackets, accessories and a wide range of clothing and sports equipment. It has a distribution network throughout the country and sponsors the most prominent players in the national and international rankings.

It currently sponsors Matias Diaz “The Warrior”, Marcello Jardim, Majo and Mapi S. Alayeto, Cecilia Reiter, Carolina Navarro, among other players. Obviously, the paddle bags of these players are of this brand, which fits very well with the demand for quality and design that predominates in the current market. Let’s take a look at some padel backpack models to get it right.

Padel bags for the professionals

One example is a new upright padel bag from the professional padel player Matias Diaz. Its design is based on the Metheora Warrior 2021, highlighting the signature and logo of “The Warrior” that includes both on the front and on the side. Its black and gold colour gives it an elegant touch, and it is also a very comfortable racket bag that provides freedom of movement.

With this model in vertical format, you can comfortably carry your rackets along with all your material. It is a large capacity model, with a front zip, different pockets and compartments to keep all your equipment organised, including your shoes, as it has an individual and ventilated section. It also has two side pockets made of thermal material to protect the paddles and a large capacity pocket in the middle.

Another model is the vertical racket bag based on the current design of the Triton racket from the Starvie 2021 collection. A black and aquamarine design with the racket’s logo on the front of the racket. It is a vertical paddle bag with a large capacity for storing all your padel equipment. It has a main pocket and two side pockets with thermal material that holds and protects the racket. It also has a separate compartment at the bottom for storing shoes, which is completed with a padding system at the back.

The 2021 padel padel racket bag

 Based on the design of the Aquila Space 2021 padel racket, it is spacious and comes in an attractive combination of yellow and navy blue. It is a very comfortable padel bag, which allows you to transport its contents in an orderly manner thanks to its central pocket and sides, made of thermal material that protects the racket. It is complemented by an independent and ventilated compartment for shoes in the lower part of the paddle bag.

As if that wasn’t enough, it includes a lumbar reinforcement and several handles to avoid discomfort when carrying the racket.

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