The visit of the Globetrotters to Barcelona is always synonymous with a show in capital letters. Whether you especially like basketball or if you are not an enthusiast of this sport, seeing the Globetrotters in Barcelona is a show that is worth watching, even for once in your life.

The special abilities with the ball, the way of interacting with the public, the jokes and the surprises, make the spectacle of the Globetroters in Barcelona one of the most anticipated.

Players like Bull Bullard, ANT Atkinson, Thunder Law, or the player TNT Lister, represent the delight of spectators of all ages with their extraordinary control of the ball. Every time the Globetrotters come to Spain they are the players that generate more expectations. 

Because what a Harlem Globetrotters Tour offers is not a professional basketball game that only fans of the basket or sports fans in general appreciate. Seeing these geniuses in action goes beyond a basketball game.


The Globetrotters offer a show showing their great skills with the ball in a game against another team. But at the same time interact with the public in a direct and very special way, taking them even to the court.

The extraordinary mastery of the ball and the jokes are the strong point of the show more than the basketball game itself.

One of the stars that they expect to see when buying tickets from the Globetrotters is Bull Bullard, who laid the foundations of his stardom by shooting a historic shot: he did it from a helicopter 210 feet above the rim.

ANT Atkinson is another of the favorite players of Globetrotter fans. With quick wit and outstanding command of the ball, this player brings a lot of chemistry to his teammates.

 Another player who draws attention for having achieved two Guinness records is Thunder Law. This “ace” of the ring made the most distant basket in history, no less than 33 m and 45 cm, and the shot back to the furthest ring of all time: 25 m. Does anyone give more?


But the girls are not left behind and proof of this is TNT Lister, the first woman who joined the ranks of this mythical team, and that with her success opened the door to other players that has been joining, as Crissa Jackson. Better known as “Ace” Jackson, her speed and ability make her stand out among her peers. She is one of the four women who currently play with the Globetrotters, and lives with passion in basketball since she was six years old.

Impossible not to highlight Hoops Green, the 15th woman to wear the team uniform in its more than 90 years of history. Her older brother was the one who introduced her to this sport and became one of her best mentors.

We have highlighted some of the most charismatic players of this team, but in reality each and every one of them contribute to this unique show of its kind.

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Level entertainment, emotion, humor and smiles for all ages are elements that are more than assured. Let the show begin.

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